The Oaxaca Series

The Oaxaca Series is one tangible implementation of a design methodology developed for Binomios Creativos: Artesanos + Diseñadores (A Creative Binomial: Artisans + Designers) 2013; a nine-month research project run and supported by Centro de Diseño de Oaxaca, in which I teamed with craftsmen from two different Oaxacan villages: Santa Cecilia Jalieza and San Marcos Tlapazola.


Both indigenous groups have a very strong sense of self-awareness regarding their environment resources and possibilities in relation to their productive capacities — local gastronomy provides an evident and very accurate example. The Oaxaca Series is my very own interpretation of these aspects through everyday objects.


My core goal was to develop a project method for its further implementation in previously unattempted, market-oriented products, especially focusing on these artisans' particular handcrafting techniques: wood carving and open-fired red clay pottery.


Centro de Diseño de Oaxaca (CDO) is Mexico's first public institution to promote design as a strategic tool for fostering social, economic and cultural development.


This project's greatest achievement was the succesful execution of the developed research, and its feasibility to replicate in follow-up projects; aside with the fact that craftsmen from both communities were eager to adopt the learned skills and adapt them to their individual processes.


Editor: CDO / Binomios Creativos
Materials: open-fired red clay, certified white cedar.

Year of production: 2013.


Craftsmen from Santa Cecilia Jalieza (wood carving):

Bernardino Luis, Ricardo Santiago & Moisés Santiago.

Craftswomen from San Marcos Tlapazola (red clay pottery):

Concepción Sánchez, Dorotea Mateo & Francisca Aquino.

Special thanks to my Centro de Diseño de Oaxaca team: 
Alejandra Villegas, Karime Pérez Guerrero & Roxana Cruz.



© Luis Vega — 2014


More information on this project → here


Photo Credit: CDO / Romina Hierro.